About us

As a content producer and marketing communication agency, located in Istanbul and Izmir, we are progressing with competent team of good people and with business approach that can quickly adapt to changes. We always improve ourselves, specialize in the areas we love and wonder and produce unique content. We prepare inimitable, measurable and successful marketing communication projects.

Our competency makes the content we create unique. We love preparing strategic marketing projects and we use all digital and conventional marketing instruments and platforms.

We believe in the power of knowledge, the importance of mathematics and the value of solidarity.

We work, with the conscious of protecting the earth, with the respect to all ecosystems on the planet and with the responsibility of leaving a better world for the next generation.

Our business units

We have four agile and productive business units providing services in four different areas: Publishing, strategic marketing, digital marketing and production. Since our establishment in 2010, we have been producing creative, modern and successful works.

We aim to address all the business lines of our customers by redefining our expertise-oriented marketing communication projects with this unit.

This autonomous unit which is at the heart of our digitalization strategy is the driving force of our strategic transformation.

This unit is one of the most important parts of our creativity. As a business unit, it produces video related to our interests and our customers’ demands.

It covers the content production processes in which tarlasera is in the center and constitutes the main and indispensable core of our role as an agricultural content provider.

Our capabilities

We have all the competences to produce good and successful works. The works that we prepare for the leading firms in agriculture industry by showing all our skills cover most of our production process; at the end these works turn into great joy and satisfaction both for us and for our customers.

Our products

Our products cover two important parts of agriculture: content and production. Through our products, we provide a heart-warming reading experience and we supply popular products for agricultural production in the city.

tarlaserathe monthly agriculture magazine that has the most common readibility rate in Turkey, started publication on September 15, 2010. tarlasera is an unique and leader agriculture magazine with its printed and digital versions with its attentive and organized readers, with its originality and detailedness on producing agricultural content and with its prestige and benefit. Today tarlasera is far beyond being a magazine: It provides a heart-warming reading experience and it develops with its passion towards agriculture.

We are passionate about agriculture. We help amateurs to be able to create their own dream gardens. As an e-commerce company Hobitar offers many popular products for agricultural production in the city.